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Match your shift with a pre-vetted barista with years of experience behind the machine.
  1. Place a booking for when you need a barista
  2. An experienced pre-vetted barista will confirm the shift
  3. The barista will arrive at your venue ready to support you

You pay the barista directly at the end of the shift.
We charge only a 20% booking fee if the shift is filled.

New York has one of the most exciting and diverse coffee scenes in the world, and we have the world class baristas to support it. Whether your're in Hells Kitchen, Chelsea, or South Williamsburg, you can cover your shift in minutes. From just $20 per hour.


Where have you bean all my life?


Book a pre-vetted experienced barista in seconds.


If it's a short notice, urgent on-demand shift, you've got access to the most experienced, professional barista staff around


Advertise your permanent job ads on our job board. Hire a barista, chef, front of house or kitchen hand.


We're your backup.

Since 2015, Need a Barista has filled thousands of shifts, providing genuine, high quality experienced baristas to many of the country's highest profile cafes, restaurants, and venues, ensuring they serve impeccable coffee to their customers.

We do everything we can to make sure every shift we cover is an amazing success. We love what we do, the cafes we support love us, and the baristas on our platform are all accreditet hard-working, and reliable staff. Don't trust your staffing to anyone else.

Sounds brew-ti-ful? Try us and see for yourself.

We're the perfect blend.

We could write more of the amazing reviews we get every week from cafes we support (we have thousands of them), but you've probably already read the great reviews about Need a Barista, or been recommended to use us by someone you know. Thousands of cafes trust us and our baristas to support them, and we take that seriously.

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Industry compliant pay rates

With Need a Barista, you can be sure you’re paying above the award. Every barista on our platform is a freelancer. You will receive an invoice after the shift finishes. We charge a small booking fee to cover running costs, which is refunded if we don’t cover your shift.

With Need a Barista all your barista staffing needs will be covered - from on-demand, emergency shifts to permanent placements. We’re like an agency without limits.

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